The Grands Causses Park

This 290 km (5 hours) tour will allow you to explore the Regional Natural Park of the Grands Causses with a wide variety of landscapes. This tour is above all a nature tour and, apart from Millau and Saint-Affrique, there are no major towns on the route. Think about your refuelling... and food.

4There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. The City of Stones (*)
  2. La Couvertoirade
  3. Montaigut Castle (*)
  4. Peyre

(*) Please check the opening hours and booking possibilities.

1. The city of stones : Explore this imaginary town designed by nature and overlooking the Dourbie Gorges. Imagine this lost caussenarde city, a fantastic tangle of alleys and monumental rocks, towers, bastions, arches, ramparts, labyrinths and fortresses.

2. La Couvertoirade : On the high plateau of the Larzac Causses, La Couvertoirade tells several stories: that of the Templars who built the castle in the 12th century, that of the Hospitallers who, in the 15th century, succeeded them and enclosed the town in a ring of ramparts, and then that of the economic and demographic apogee of the village with its beautiful 16th and 17th century residences.

3. Montaigut castle : Built on a rocky spur overlooking the Dourdou de Camarès valley, the castle is built on a necropolis from the High Middle Ages. At that time it was a simple watchtower that defended the town of Saint-Affrique against attacks from the south. The castle of Montaigut was enlarged and transformed in the 15th century by the de Blanc family, who made it their residence.

4. Peyre : This hamlet in the commune of Comprégnac will definitely have a singular destiny: only 7 kilometres from Millau, its light-coloured stone houses stretch along a steep cliff, facing the highest viaduct in the world. In front of the semi-troglodytic church, an open square offers an unobstructed view of the structure and the green waters of the Tarn.

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