The Tarn gorges

Causses, gorges, caves, chasms, rocky chaos... Few regions offer so much for motorcyclists: magnificent landscapes crossed by winding roads and first-class tourist sites criss-cross this superb 260 km (5.5 hours) route.

There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. Capluc Rock
  2. Aven Armand (*)
  3. Portes Castle (*)
  4. Sainte Enimie

(*)Please check the opening hours and booking possibilities.

1. Capluc Rock : The Capluc rock is fantastic for the number of views it offers: the Tarn gorge, the Jonte gorge, the village of Peyreleau, as well as a view over the Aveyron Tarn valley. It is a 360° view not to be missed and also offers the possibility of observing the vultures nesting in the Jonte gorges.

2. Aven Armand : A masterpiece of nature that goes beyond description and words, and places Aven Armand among the most beautiful caves in the world. A major tourist attraction in France, this cave in the Cevennes is one of the most visited sites in Lozère.

3. Portes Castle : Known as the Vaisseau des Cévennes because of its spectacular stone prow, unique in Europe, the Château de Portes watches over the ancient route taken by the pilgrims of Saint-Gilles and the Crusaders to the Holy Land. A true gateway to the High Cevennes at the foot of Mont Lozère, it defies over 10 centuries of history.

4. Sainte Enimie : On the slopes of a canyon carved out by the Tarn gorges, Sainte-Enimie's massive limestone houses stand at the foot of an ancient Benedictine monastery, of which a chapel and a chapter house remain. At its feet, the spring of Burle which is said to have cured the Merovingian princess Enimie.

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