The Spanish Pyrenees

For this exceptional 330 km (7 hours) tour, plan to get up early... and go to bed late because you will certainly want to share your experience back at the campsite! If the route is not too technical, it remains intense: climbs, descents, curves, straights: a condensed version of motorbike roads that will delight all bikers, whatever your level.

There are 2 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. Mediano
  2. Ainsa

2. Mediano :  The lake, intended to supply a hydroelectric plant, drowned five villages in 1973, including Mediano. Only the bell tower of the church stands out, making it a local curiosity and a site for scuba diving. During the dry season, you may be lucky enough to see the ruins of the old village!

4.  Ainsa : The town of Ainsa, which has been declared a Historic Site, has a uniform and dense group of harmoniously arranged houses in its old quarter, from which the elegant tower of the Collegiate Church and the enormous castle wall, as large as the rest of the town, stand out. The town still has almost all of its surrounding walls and is full of monuments that take us back to the Middle Ages.