The Pyrenean passes 1/2

This 200 km (4 hours) route has 8 passes, including the Col d'Aspin (1489 m), one of the most famous in the Pyrenees. Each of them promises a breath of fresh air and memorable moments.

There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. Caves of Médous (*)
  2. Mauvezin Castle (*)
  3. Valmirande Castle (*)
  4. Saint Bertrand de Comminge

(*) Pensez à vérifier les heures d'ouvertures et les possibilités de réservation.

1. Caves of Médous: The Medous Caves are divided into two parts: a lower gallery known as the Galerie Sèche and an upper Galerie des Merveilles. The richness of the concretions, the beauty of the underground river, the structure of the cave, the exceptional location of the entrance with its unique setting and ease of access are all elements that ensure a tourist value of the highest order.

2. Mauvezin Castle: The castle of Mauvezin dominates the entire Toulouse-Bayonne route from its crenellated keep. The inner courtyard is a perfect example of medieval military architecture, in which replicas of war machines are displayed. A guide in period costume accompanies and captivates visitors on the history of the castle.

3. Valmirande Castle: ​Only 24 years old but having inherited his mother's immense fortune from the Pillet-Will bankers, Bertrand de Lassus had an extravagant and sumptuous neo-Renaissance building built in Montréjeau from 1892 onwards, with its chapel, large flowerbeds and a park.

4. Saint Bertrand de Comminge: Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges was born in 72 B.C. on the Valcabrère plain, where Pompey's legionnaires once lived. A jewel of Romanesque-Gothic art, the imposing Sainte-Marie cathedral is of course the highlight of the visit. You can admire the choir with its 66 stalls carved in oak or the exceptional corner organ which attracts the best organists in the world every summer during the Festival du Comminges.

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