Verdon gorges

This 230 km (5 hours) tour will take you around the famous Grand Canyon du Verdon. This canyon can reach 800 m in height and is the largest in Europe. It is surrounded by the Corniche sublime to the south and the route des Crêtes to the north. Both offer magnificent views. From the Grand Canyon, the Verdon feeds the magnificent Sainte-Croix lake.

There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. Lake Sainte Croix
  2. Verdon gorges
  3. Moustiers Sainte Marie
  4. Castle Allemagne en Provence (*)

(*) Please check the opening hours and booking possibilities.

1. Lake Sainte Croix: Anyone who has experienced this lake has fallen under its bright, natural charm. Its central location, between the plains and the mountains, gives it a very special energy mixed with honey and lavender: a real encounter!

2. Verdon gorgesThese long limestone gorges with emerald waters, highly photogenic, are to be discovered by stopping at the various belvederes and other viewpoints positioned all along this superb route.

3. Moustiers Sainte Marie : Close to the Lake of Sainte-Croix and the Gorges du Verdon, Moustiers has set its houses and its lively streets in the indentation of a rock. Known and recognised for its earthenware production, the village still has about ten workshops dedicated to its creation.

4. Castle Allemagne en Provence : A former fief of the powerful Castellane family, the castle has survived the centuries despite a turbulent past. Religious wars, sentimental stories, family quarrels, duels and sieges still haunt the walls of this surprising castle...

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