Around the Estérel

This 230 km (5 hours) route around the Esterel massif offers a colourful landscape, with hills of volcanic rock and superb maquis. The coastal road, the famous Corniche d'or, impresses with the characteristic red colour of the massif which contrasts constantly with the blue of the sea.

There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. Napoule Castle (*)
  2. Port Grimaud
  3. Gassin
  4. Grimaud

(*) Please check the opening hours and booking possibilities.

1. Napoule Castle : Discovered by the Romans more than 2000 years ago, it was in medieval times that the Villeneuve family built a fortress on the site, which was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the course of history. It was not until 1918 that a couple of American artists and patrons acquired the ruins of the fortress and decided to rebuild it. 

2. Port Grimaud : One of the most famous lakeside cities in the world after only fifty years of existence. A colourful port, nicknamed "Little Venice of Provence" and labelled as a 20th century heritage site, which never ceases to amaze. 

3. Gassin :  After having climbed up the flowery alleys with their pastel-coloured walls, you will be able to enjoy the exceptional panorama of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez and the Maures massif offered by the Place Deï Barri. A place where it is also pleasant to stop and enjoy a dish accompanied by a Côte de Provence at one of the village's restaurant terraces...

4. Grimaud :  Grimaud is a delicate blend of Provence, Côte d'Azur, nature and heritage. 

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