Roads in the Ardèche

This 240 km (4.5 hours) circuit takes you on a tour of the picturesque roads and villages of the Ardèche. Curves, varied landscapes, sometimes spectacular. A real moment of happiness for motorcyclists!

There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. La Garde Guérin
  2. Pradelles
  3. Le Pont du Diable
  4. Vogüé

1. La Garde Guérin: In an atmosphere worthy of certain Scottish landscapes, La Garde-Guerin dominates, from the top of its plateau, the impressive canyon of the Chassezac. A former strategic site on the Voie Régordane linking the Languedoc coast to the Massif Central, the village was attacked several times but has preserved its watchtower as well as its habitat and its stone-paved streets.

2. Pradelles: Dominating the Haut Allier valley, on the Régordane road linking the Auvergne to the Languedoc, this ancient stronghold was an important stopover for merchants importing goods from the Midi as well as for pilgrims on their way to Saint-Gilles and coming from Puy-en-Velay. Witnesses of this prosperous period, the noble residences with stone walls and arcades, whose high facades stand against the Cevennes gusts, have seen generations of travellers pass through, some of them famous, like the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

3. Le Pont du Diable : This magnificent stone bridge overhangs the river Ardèche at the foot of the village of Thueyts. 17m high, it is an emblematic place of the Ardèche. According to legend, the bridge was built under the inspiration of the devil, for the perdition of the souls of the young men of the village, who, wanting to cross to the other bank to hide their guilty loves, slipped into the abyss. There is a lookout above the bridge and many walks are possible on the spot.

4. Vogüé: On the banks of the Ardèche, leaning against a cliff, the castle of the Lords of Vogüé and its four round towers watch over the village and its amphitheatre-like streets lined with arcades and vaulted passages. The pretty houses with their warm colours and round tile roofs bear witness to the southern character of the town.

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