Ardèche Gorges

This 230 km (4 hours) circuit explores the southern part of the Ardèche, renowned for its valleys and gorges. You will come across some very pretty villages but above all many natural sites including the amazing Paiolive Forest. A beautiful ride that combines tight curves and comfortable roads!

There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. Montclus
  2. Pont d'Arc
  3. Balazuc
  4. Paiolive Forest

1. Montclus:  On the borders of the Ardèche but with its feet in the Gard, Montclus is located in a meander of the Cèze. The keep of the medieval castle dominates the village, which has also preserved a room from the troglodytic Benedictine monastery built by the Templars. Surrounded by vines and lavender, the small, beautifully restored village offers visitors the charm of its narrow streets with their white stone houses with high facades, vaulted passages, staircases and lush vegetation.

2. Pont d'Arc:  The Pont d'Arc is a natural arch dating back at least 500,000 years with impressive dimensions: 54 metres high and 60 metres wide. The water has gradually seeped into the limestone rock to finally create a huge opening onto the Ardèche Gorges. Men and animals have long used this bridge to cross the river.

3. Balazuc:  Perched on its cliff overlooking the Ardèche, the former stronghold of the "Lords of Balazuc" has kept many traces of its medieval past: a maze of winding streets and vaulted passageways are, along with the castle, the fortified Romanesque church and the surrounding gates, the original setting of the village.

4. Paiolive Forest: A walk is necessary to penetrate this world of mysteries. The Païolive wood is one of the strangest curiosities of the Ardèche. A veritable natural labyrinth, it is inhabited by strange and inimitable sculptures of jagged limestone blocks defied by erosion. Bewitching and enigmatic, this mineral and vegetal chaos invites you to explore.

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