Southern Ardèche

In the Ardèche, everything is there for the pleasure of motorcyclists: roads that turn, varied and spectacular landscapes, gorges, passes, tourist sites, speleological curiosities, ... Enough to keep you busy during the 280 km (5 hours) of this magnificent route.

There are 4 tourist stops on this route. You are free to stay for a few minutes or a few hours.

  1. Pont d'Arc
  2. Pradelles
  3. La Garde Guérin
  4. Cocalière cave(*)

(*) Please check the opening hours and booking possibilities.

1. Pont d'Arc:  a natural arch dating back at least 500,000 years with impressive dimensions: 54 metres high and 60 metres wide

2. Pradelles: dominating the valley of the Haut Allier, this ancient stronghold was an important stop for merchants importing goods from the Midi

3. La Garde Guérin: in an atmosphere worthy of certain Scottish landscapes, La Garde-Guerin dominates, from the top of its plateau, the impressive canyon of the Chassezac

4. Cocalière cave: one of the most beautiful caves in France, dug into a vast underground complex covering some thirty kilometres

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